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Creating an Evenly Spaced Vector in Log Space

QUESTION: Can you show me how to create an evenly spaced vector in log space between a start and ending value? For example, how can I create 20 equally spaced points in logarithmic space between the values 25 and 850.

ANSWER: The first step is to find the logarithms of your end points.

   s = ALog10(25)
   f = ALog10(850)

Next, you create an evenly space vector of exponent values scaled into this data range.

   exponents = cgScaleVector(Findgen(20), s, f)

And, finally, you use these exponents to create your actual values.

   values = 10.^exponents
   cgPlot, values, /YLog, PSym=2, Color='red'

You see the result in the figure below.

Evenly spaced points in log space.
We created 20 evenly spaced points in log space.

This algorithm has been implemented in the Coyote Library routine cgLogGen.

   cgPlot, cgLogGen(20, Start=25, Finish=850), /YLog, PSym='red'

Version of IDL used to prepare this article: IDL 8.1.

Written: 17 January 2012